If Brooke Eden Would’ve Known (Watch!)


This isn’t the first time we have shared a Brooke Eden performance of “If I Would’ve Known“, and it certainly won’t be the last. Considering that there are few things more enamoring than a singer solely accompanied by a piano, Brooke’s song is an immediate attention grabber; however, when you add in her uniquely smoky vocals, the enchantment multiplies ten-fold.

Standing in her bus during a radio tour, Brooke gave 97.1 HANK FM in Indianapolis, Indiana a private performance of the emotionally grueling track about learning the truth about somebody too late. Thinking backward to say what she would have done moving forward, Brooke croons about all the things that could have been different, if only. Fusing her sultry country tone with her signature bluesy sound, Brooke stands out from the rest of the genre, continuing to make her voice as distinct and identifiable as some of the greatest in musical history.

Watch Brooke Eden perform “If I Would’ve Known” here: