Blake Shelton Hopes to Lose at The Grammy’s


When it comes to awards, few are more coveted than The Grammy’s. This year, Blake Shelton is nominated for “Lonely Tonight,” his duet with Ashley Monroe, and believe it or not, he hopes to lose.

Now, if that sounds weird, let us explain. Blake admitted on Twitter that he hopes to lose out to Joey + Rory, who have been bravely dealing with Joey’s battle with terminal ovarian cancer.

Hey Blake, we love you, but we hope you lose too.


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    Carol Huebner

    To Blake, I think you are wonderful for wanting Joey and Rory to win this year. I Love your music, but I dearly Love Joey also. Her voice is Wonderful! The Angels will Love her too! We will miss her so much. Prayers to all of the family.

    Lori bechtel

    God bless you Blake! Joey + Rory deserve this!


    Joey is such a beauty! So sweet and lovely. I thought this the first time I saw her. Hope to see her and her husband win as well.

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