Ashley Gearing Says “Love Can Go to Hell” on New Single


Curb recording artist Ashley Gearing started her country music career on the train track, but is now veering slightly off course with a moving ballad, cleverly named “Love Can Go to Hell“.

Ashley’s new single takes a look at love and skeptically reminds us that while everything may seem like it’s sunshine, butterflies, hearts, and flowers, a relationship can come crashing down, or go to hell, without a moment’s notice. Of course, rather than blaming the man who ripped her heart out, Ashley rationalizes the failed romance, even proclaiming that it is all love’s fault and “love can go to hell”.

In an industry that is opening its arms back up to a raw ballad performed by a female vocalist, Ashley Gearing’s “Love Can Go to Hell” combines the elements of the tailored trend with an eyebrow-raising title and intelligently catchy lyrics. The song is now available for download on iTunes and streaming via Spotify.