Anderson East Reveals How He and Miranda Lambert Became “Miranderson”


Wondering how Miranda Lambert got hooked up with indie Americana cutie Anderson East? The soulful singer-songwriter recently revealed that it was music that brought he and Lambert together, and contrary to popular believe, it was his, not hers.

East admitted to 92.3 WCOL that Lambert showed up to one of his shows unexpectedly and that the relationship bloomed from there.

“Randomly enough, she came to one of my shows… A friend of hers introduced us.”

The male half of Miranderson reveals that music is one of the pair’s favorite shared interests and they often sit around singing “old country songs” together.

Swoon city… sounds like a match made in musical heaven.


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    It was actually a music festival & she was there to see her steel guitar player’s side band. She also saw Anderson’s set, was back stage & that is how they met. Friends then started dating, the best way if you ask me.

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