Willie Nelson smokes a little weed with Chelsea Handler in her new Netflix show trailer

Willie Nelson and Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is back and she’s bringing Willie Nelson along with her!

After quitting her late night talk show last year (and naming Justin Bieber as the main reason why), Handler is back with a brand new Netflix docu-series called “Chelsea Does.

And boy does she.

In the new trailer, the comedian smokes with Willie, interviews Ashley Madison founder Noel Biderman, chats with small (and probably brutally honest) kids, and gets in an argument with a disembodied robot head.

You know, typical documentary stuff.

In the clip with Willie, she asks the singer if there’s “ever been a pot you smoked that you didn’t like?”

“It’s like sex,” he answers. “Some’s better than others, but it’s all good.”

Ha! Gotta love Willie.

The four-part documentary series hits Netflix streaming Saturday, January 23.

Update: Watch it here.

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