Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Bares All… Literally!


Lions and tigers and bro-country butts, oh my!

Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line and his wife Hayley recently headed down to Africa for some much deserved R&R. While there, the pair have gotten up close and personal with some amazing animals and even visited an orphanage. However, it’s a photo of Tyler’s…erm, full moon… that is garnering quite a bit of attention.

Hayley captioned the photo of her hubs in an outdoor shower on Instagram, “Be looking for our blog post later today as we… Well, Tyler bares all in the outdoors! ? #thevoguetriptravel #fullmoon #ourafricanadventure.”

Welp, we’ve officially crossed a (Florida Georgia) line with this pic…




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Okay, Billy Ray didn’t actually twerk, but many of the half-naked aliens around him did.
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