Exclusive Interview: Trisha Yearwood, The Prizefighter


When you sit back and think about all that Trisha Yearwood has accomplished and continues to conquer as the days go by, it is quite astonishing that there is only one of her. Truth be told, that is a loaded statement, because when I say there is only one Trisha Yearwood, I mean there is only one Trisha Yearwood.

Radiating poise, elegance, and a comfortably casual presence, the Grammy, Emmy, ACM, CMA, and AMA Award winning superstar entered the room for a Sunrise, Florida press conference and interviews, greeting those present like old friends. In fact, the first part of our conversation was just casually chatting about Nashville, topped off with a lot of laughter. When we got down to business, Trisha humbly and coolly shared with me that people would be saying that the Garth Brooks World Tour 2016 is:

The best show they’ve ever seen in their whole lives and how incredible it was and how much fun they had.

Simply stated and unbelievably accurate, Ms. Yearwood’s assessment was; and if anybody knows good shows and a fun time, it is this multi-talented lady. To that point, Trisha combined the premise of a great show with one of her most beloved pastimes, cooking. One of her favorite parts of combining her success with a passion is being afforded the opportunity to share the moments with those closest to her.

Getting to do it with my sister and my best friends. My parents are both gone, so most of these recipes are affiliated and tied with them, so it’s a way to really remember them. My sister and I especially, when she’s on, we get to tell those stories and share. It’s like keeping them alive, cooking their food, and laughing about the way, ’cause they were both hilarious, and so for us, it’s really cathartic, I guess. It’s really a chance to keep them with us. To keep making their food and telling the stories. It’s just fun. You know? As long as it’s fun, let’s keep doing it.

Proving to be a very reminiscent and reflective person, Trisha appropriately has a special appreciation and love for her song “The Song Remembers When“. Her particular adoration for the song also has a lot to do with the fact that she is a lyric-minded artist who seeks a deep message in the words she is singing.

It was written by a guy named Hugh Prestwood and it’s really poetry set to music, and it talks about the power of music.

As to the power of music, Trisha finds that the country genre is particularly powerful because the fans’ dedication and loyalty allow her and other artists to have lengthy careers, evolve, grow, and change, all the while still showing their support.

In country music, we’re lucky because fans are lifelong fans. If somebody discovers your music early on, then they stick with you. I don’t know that that’s the case in other genres of music. I mean, we’re seeing people come to these shows and their kids are with them. I’m watching kids who couldn’t have been alive when “She’s In Love with a Boy” came out and they’re singing the words. I’m like “how do you know this song?!” So, and I, like I said in the press conference, and I love all kinds of music. I do Zumba to it, but I don’t necessarily . . . I don’t want to hear Pitbull when I’m trying to have some kind of, you know, when I’m trying to remember some moment in my life. I think that it is lyric-driven, so I think that it’s really emotional. Country music is emotional because it tells a story, that lyric. And there’s not really a lot of music anymore that really does that. It’s kind of, we used to have rock ‘n’ roll, we used to have pop that was The Eagles, and Bob Seger, and Linda Ronstadt, and Bonnie Raitt, and so that music, lyric lived in other places. We don’t really have that anymore, so I think that’s why artists like Adele are so popular, because it’s lyric-driven and she’s a great singer, but you listen to the song and you can relate. I think that’s why country music is still the way it is.

If you are going to talk about lifelong careers, Trisha Yearwood is the poster child for just that. With the myriad awards listed above, best-selling cookbooks, a seasonal Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit, a star on the Music City Walk of Fame, and many more accolades, she is perhaps one of the most well-rounded and prominent artists in the business. On the laundry list of impressive bullet points, there is one accomplishment Trisha holds especially dear, and it is her membership into the Grand Ole Opry.

Being a member of the Grand Ole Opry, which happened for me in ’99, and it’s by invite only, it’s not like you just automatically like you get to be a member once you’ve done blah blah blah. They have to decide you’re okay to be in the club. So that one is one that I will cherish forever. That’s forever for me and I’m proud to be a member of that family.

For Trisha, though she has accomplished a lot, there are still a few things on her list that she would love to experience in her career. One of which is finding a permanent home in the land of her beginnings.

The exhibit in the Hall of Fame is not permanent. I would love to, I’d love to end up in that Hall of Fame, only because I was a tour guide there. You know, I started there punching the clock and I think that really is the symbol of being around forever.

It is with an abundance of “XXX’s and OOO’s” that I thank Trisha Yearwood for her time and perspective. Such a beautiful lady, inside and out, and I am making the prediction right now that her goal of ongoing residency in the Country Music Hall of Fame is an inevitable outcome.