Thomas Rhett can help keep you in shape.


If working on your fitness with Thomas Rhett seemed like a far off dream to you, you’ll be happy to know that  his new partnership with Snap Fitness is about to make it a reality. So break out your tennis shoes and Swiftwick socks because Mr. Crash and Burn is going to make sure you feel the burn by hosting five hour-long boot camp sessions around the country this year, along with a certified trainer.

“Being in good shape is a big part of being able to get on stage night after night and do what I love. It’s cool that I get to share my interest in fitness directly with fans and kind of give them a look into how you can make it a priority no matter what your lifestyle is like,” Thomas says of his association with the gym chain.

And there miiiiight be some promo for his new song “I Feel Good,”  involved so make sure you check his socials as he’ll also issue fitness challenges to his fans on social media. You can submit your ideas to @ThomasRhett on Twitter, using the hashtag #Ifeelgoodchallenge.

Here’s Thomas’s workout schedule, with the coveted slots to be given away by local radio stations:

1/23 — Springfield, MO
2/19 — Charlottesville, VA
5/21 — Dallas, TX
6/11 — Minneapolis, MN
6/18 — Columbus, Ohio