Miranda Lambert Premieres New Song “Scars” (Watch!)


Last night at Nashville’s City Winery, Miranda Lambert opened up about having a “really, really shitty year in 2015.” That terrible year inspired her to sing a song she’s loved for years, during her Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Unplugged show, called “Scars.”

The song was written by Miranda’s longtime guitarist Scotty Wray, and it took the tumult of 2015 for Miranda to feel “damaged” enough to sing the song. With lyrics like, “Some are deep, some are not, some never hurt at all…some hurt a lot,” Lambert holds back tears.

Watch as Miranda exposes her “Scars” below.

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  1. highlander78@msn.com'

    Hope it makes her album-beautiful/powerful song. It is a very sad but also hopeful song.:)

  2. kathy5271@yahoo.com'

    I love this! Miranda has always shared her feelings with us through her gift. And to share her pain is a gift to us. I am thrilled to see she is performing more in Nashville in these great venues.

  3. Shannon

    Love it!

  4. brysonca4@gmail.com'

    Beautiful and raw.

  5. suseydunagan@yahoo.com'
    Susey Dunagan

    Love it Maranda!!
    It will be a great hit! You are a talented person and singer. Just Love you so much and can’t wait to see what’s next!

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