The Snuggle Is Real for Miranda Lambert & Anderson East


Leave it to Miranda Lambert to confirm the dating rumors in her own time and in her own way. The Platinum and platinum country music superstar gave her fans exactly what they wanted for the New Year, and that is assurance that the news of her relationship with Anderson East is, indeed, real.

Over night, Miranda took to Instagram to share a cozy photo of the two, who are apparently spending time together in the snow-covered mountains. With the simple caption “The snuggle is real…”, Miranda wiped away any doubts of her current relationship status, and Ran Fans everywhere celebrated their girl’s happiness.


Happy New Year to the happy couple!


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    Miranda has so much more talent than Gwen ..besides gwen has to stop trying to look 25 she is way to old . But on that note if he’ll cheat with you he’ll cheat on you !!! stay tuned !!!


    You go Miranda. I’m proud of you. Hold your head up. And carry on. I don’t know what happen to you and blake. It seems as he can’t stay off the booze. I seen him in Oklahoma. And Reba was there . he was drunk couldn’t sing right. So good for you girl. .


    Maranda you have nothing to worry about, your singing is the best. Gwen will never take your place, its Blake’s loss you go girl, l could only dream of ever meeting some one as gifted as you, keep your chin up.


    Miranda your your down to earth and real nothing like horse teeth lol, he must of been really drunk and staying drunk with her! I usually don’t say bad things about people (seriously) but I have a funny feeling she was not helping things when you two (blake) were married. Do not like homewreckers. Be happy life is to short I don’t know what a divorce is like but it has to be heartbreaking, I will pray everything turns out for you and blake and yes even Gwen I guess, she got cheated on too the kids are the ones that pay the price. Take care.


    Enough with Mirandia and all the stuff on social media. It is getting so old with all the different information. Please move on to something or someone else!! Tired of seeing her face. Good or bad just put her in the history book. Enough is enough!!!!

    South Georgia Lady

    You go girl! No pretty lady like you needs a boozed up man that can’t keep his pants zipped! Remember if he cheats with you he will cheat on you! Poor Gwen should know he will cheat on her too, he can’t keep it in his pants! Guess Viagra will work because booze damages that too!


    Win win win

    Johnny Bob Davis

    Looking forward to seeing the results from the list of the winner

    Johnny Bob Davis

    Need me to come over and I will be able to win.

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