Mickey Guyton and “Idol” Hopeful Tristan McIntosh Perform Duet (Watch!)


Tristan McIntosh won the hearts of America during her recent American Idol audition when she sang Mickey Guyton’s “Why Baby Why”. It wasn’t only Tristan’s voice and piano playing that put her name in everyone’s minds, it was the heart-warming story about her military mom who surprised her at the audition that made her Idol moment go viral.

Last night, in Tristan’s hometown of Nashville, Mickey surprised a Marathon Music Works crowd with a duet of the beautiful ballad, introducing Tristan as “an angel”.

If you thought Tristan’s Alicia Keys’esque performance on Idol was noteworthy, just wait until you see what happens when she teams up with her audition muse. Watch the video below to see the two beautiful vocalists blow the roof off the Music City venue.