Doctors Force Kelly Clarkson to Make a Tough Choice


It’s no secret that Kelly Clarkson isn’t a fan of pregnancy, and while she recently admitted on Twitter that she’s doing “better,” the mom-to-be has had a tough few months. She was forced to cancel part of her tour due to vocal issues and then pregnancy kicked in with all of its glorious vomiting.

It was recently announced that River Rose’s mama will be headed back to American Idol to perform and guest judge, but that decision wasn’t an easy one for KC.

Speaking to Dave, Mahoney & DK on Mix 96.5 Houston this morning, Clarkson spoke candidly about her pregnancy and the fact that her doctor made her choose between attending the Grammy Awards, where she has two nominations, or heading back to the Idol stage.

I was going to do the Grammys and Idol, and then my doctor was kind of like, I just have such hard pregnancies, flying back and forth to L.A., like if they were closer together, I would’ve done both, but I had to kind of choose one, and I obviously chose Idol because it’s ending and I was the original winner so it’d kinda be weird if I wasn’t there. I chose Idol and I’m unfortunately going to have to miss the Grammy’s because my doctor was like ‘Yeah, that’s not too smart for you…’ I was pretty bummed I’m gonna miss the Grammy’s this year.”

She also shared that she will not attend the American Idol finale on April 7, as she will have just have given birth, but she will tape an appearance to air during that special show.


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    Glad she chose Idol. Wishing her the best of luck!!!

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