Kelly Clarkson is Headed Back to “American Idol”


The original American Idol is heading back to the house that built her for its 15th and final season. It was announced today at a panel for the show at the Television Critics Association winter press tour that Kelly Clarkson would head “home” on February 25.

According to E! Online, executive producer Trish Kinane revealed that the mama to be will play double duty during her guest appearance. “She will be a guest judge on our first live top 10 show and she’ll also perform.”

“We’ve invited her to be part of this season and she’s really happy to be,” Kinane revealed. Additionally, they’re hoping to bring KC back in some way for the finale, but that’s dependent on her baby-to-be.


In other exciting news, the producer revealed, “We’re talking to everybody who’s made a huge contribution to the show, and we’d love to have them come back…we’ll have an amazing finale” with “key” faces from the season’s past.

Obviously you can count on Carrie Underwood…Can we hope for Simon Cowell and Brian Dunkleman?!

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