Jo Dee Messina Offers Remarkable Advice to New Artists


Jo Dee Messina recently spoke with clinical psychologist, Parade writer, Huffington Post blogger, and interview extraordinaire, Dr. Nancy Berk, about show business and country music. During the interview, of which Pittsburgh Podcast Network is now sharing the audio, Jo Dee offered some unique and sound advice to up and coming artists. She also gave NashvilleGab a little love, so we may be especially biased when it comes to this particular podcast.

I digress.

Dr. Nancy Berk asked Jo Dee about her advice to younger artists, and the words she offered are worth putting in black and white for our aspiring singer-songwriters to read every day.

I always tell people “know who you are and don’t sacrifice that.” Because you’ll have several people who think you should be something else. “Oh my God! You don’t fit in the mold! Wait! Wait! Let’s make you fit in the mold!” And don’t. Because the mold was created by someone who was not like anything else. . . . Before everyone was trying to sound like Florida Georgia Line, nobody sounded like them. They just did their thing. Same thing with Shania. Everybody wanted to sound like Shania, but Shania didn’t sound like anyone. That’s why they wanted to sound like her! *laughs*

Even Jo Dee, unintentionally, created a new sound which people mirrored, and we are incredibly grateful for that.

Even when I came on, and it’s funny, we didn’t do this intentionally, but we had those back and forth guitars, the multiple guitars, in “Heads Carolina”. No one did that at that time. So it stuck out, and then everybody started to do it. Same thing with George Strait. Nobody did that. Garth Brooks. Nobody did that. And then everyone wanted to be Garth Brooks. I still would like to be Garth Brooks. To this day. I would love to be Garth Brooks.

Preach, Jo Dee. Preach.

To hear the entire podcast and another fantastic interview with Jo Dee Messina, click here.


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