Jason Aldean is ready to make some babies

Jason Aldean Brittany Kerr Instagram

After almost a year of being married to his lovely bride, Brittany Kerr, Jason Aldean says he’s ready to commence with baby making.

Jason recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight and let them in on his and Brittany’s baby making plans.

“We’re talkin’ about it,” Aldean told ET. “She’s a lot younger than I am, so I gotta make this happen quick. I don’t want to be the old dad! It’s something we definitely want, at least one kid and possibly two, we’ll see. It’s something we’ve talked about a lot. Hopefully in the next couple years.”

Next couple years? Come on, Jason, let’s get this baby show on the road!

Dang. I totally sounded like everyone’s nosy Aunt Edna right there, didn’t I?

Jason is currently working on new music and expects to have a new single out this spring with a new album to follow by summer.

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