Diary of a Mad Pregnant Woman: Starring Jana Kramer

Image by mimichatter.com

Poor Jana Kramer. She is days (or hours!) away from having her first baby with husband Mike Caussin, and the “I Got the Boy” singer is going a little stir crazy. We have been watching her tweets lately and they are getting increasingly silly, leading us to believe she is beginning to lose her marbles as she impatiently awaits the birth of her baby girl.

While we feel for Jana and hope the agonizing wait comes to an end soon, we can’t help but laugh at her struggle to keep herself entertained during this time. Here are some of our favorite recent Jana Kramer tweets that we believe are direct results of her “where is this baby?!” boredom.

If this isn’t a fairy tale story, what is?

What else is there to do but flirt with your husband on Twitter?

At least she will have quads of steel when this is all over?

Don’t mess with a pregnant Detriot Lions fan, Bones!

Probably not an ideal situation for a singer/actress…

She now knows how she looks at them when they are circling outside to get something out…

Probably not the best idea you’ve ever had…

What we envision Jana to look like when she finishes reading this post.

Hang in there, Jana! But until you are in labor, we ask you to continue keeping us entertained, as it appears your misery is our amusement? Kidding…sort of.

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