What Song Causes Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood to Fight?


Uh oh! It looks like there may be a touchy topic when it comes to the oh-so-obviously in love Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. The two admitted during a South Florida press conference that they occasionally strap on their boxing gloves when offering one another musical advice, but they told me privately that there is one particular song that causes a bit of actual resentment.

“You didn’t talk ‘Tacoma‘ with her, did you?”, Garth Brooks asked me with a look of genuine concern on his face when I shared with him my love of the song. He then whispered, “She gets pissed about that song. She wants that song so bad.” These statements were all followed with a snarky cackle that could only be described as the laugh of a contest winner.

I wouldn’t have served our NashvilleGab readers a tasty dish if I didn’t then turn the tables and drop the fighting word “Tacoma” to Trisha, as well. With a look of slight defeat (after heartily laughing about the subject), Trisha explained, “I heard that song and I wanted to record it myself, and so it’s a sore spot with me because he, he took it and recorded it, and I think his version’s great, but I’m going to record it one day.”

Two superstar versions of the Caitlyn Smith and Bob DiPiero-penned tune? Yes please! I mean, what country music fan in his/her right mind would turn that down?!

Watch songwriter Caitlyn Smith sing “Tacoma” on “Cait Covers Cait”: