Who Garth Brooks Wants to Collaborate with May Surprise You!

Garth Brooks jean jacket

Not too long ago, Garth Brooks shared the stage with Justin Timberlake in Nashville, Tennessee, helping JT with his rendition of the cult classic “Friends In Low Places“. This collaboration sparked a question for Garth at a South Florida press conference, asking who he would like to partner up with from outside the country music genre.

She (points at Trisha Yearwood) had [Kelly] Clarkson come out, and you know Clarkson has no ceiling, whatsoever. She’s very rare. One of those very rare artists I don’t know if I’ve ever heard the top of her range, so, it’s amazing. But I gotta tell ya, the person that kills me probably the most right now was actually at the show in Chicago, it was weird to have her in the audience, knowing that she was in the audience the whole time because it was a lot of pressure, was Lady Gaga. She’s a monster. Great entertainer. And the thing she did at the Oscars just showed everybody, hey, flip a coin. Want to go talent? She could go head-to-head with anybody. You want to go entertainment and craziness? She could go head-to-head with anybody. Another little singer like that, and she probably doesn’t want me to say this, is Miley Cyrus. She’ll try to make you think she’s crazy as she can be, but that little gal is talented as hell. I mean, I sat at soundcheck with her, right off to the left, mic wasn’t on and she was just singing and it was just her. That gal’s got talent coming out of her ears. But, the truth is, I really enjoy getting to hang with this artist right here. (Trisha: “Good answer.”) She’s fun and she never gets old. We were in the studio ’til about two o’clock this morning, finishing up a Christmas album, and to hear her do “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” is like oh my God. It was supposed to be a duet. I walked out about thirty seconds into the song. I just walked out of the studio because I knew there wasn’t going to be a duet. I wasn’t about to open my mouth after that, you know? So, it’s just her doing her greatest Ella [Fitzgerald] impersonation with Trisha kinda mixed in there. It was just amazing. So, I think I kinda got my hands full with this one.

And, yes. Garth did out the fact that Trisha is already working on a Christmas album. For that reason alone, the holidays can’t come soon enough!