Did You Know That Chris Lane Auditioned for American Idol? You HAVE to see this!


Welp, this is officially one of the weirdest things we’ve ever seen.

Back in 2007, long before he was a rising country heartthrob, Chris Lane audition for Season 7 of American Idol along with his twin brother, Corey. The pair were both a “rap duo” and the points of a love triangle with a perky blonde named Ashley. Ashley also auditioned by singing Kellie Pickler with a tiny puppy. Really, we couldn’t make this up.

After their cringe-worthy (sorry, Chris!) performance, Simon calls them “amateurish.” The judges give them a resounding “no.” “They must have so much fun with the chicks, those two,” says Simon.

Yeah, you kinda have to see this to believe it.

Chris Lane, you have come a loooong way.