Blake Shelton Asked and Gwen Stefani Said “Yes!”


And in more Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani news, The Voice co-stars will evidently be sharing time on the small screen once again, despite Gwen’s alternating coaching gig with Christina Aguilera. Blake has asked his current flame to mentor Team Blake on the upcoming season (February 29th), according to the latest edition of Us Weekly.

Blake was previously reported as telling Extra that he didn’t want to lose his current love interest on the show, stating “I don’t want Gwen to not be on the show. Why can’t we have a fifth coach?”

This mentorship will be an obvious ratings booster for the show and the chemistry between the two is sure to be entertaining. However, for me, no matter how much I love Blake, my give a damn is, quite frankly, busted when it comes to this relationship. Keep bringing on the BS; but just the BS.



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    I think this will cause enough people to stop watching the Voice will end. We are all
    sick of these 2 idiot losers !


      You took the words right out of my mouth;)I don’t watch it anymore.


    I stopped watching LONG ago!

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