Big & Rich: From Country Superstars To Parenthood


Big and Rich recently worked with Tim McGraw on a single called, “Who You Lovin’ Lately.” Well, Tim titled the song, as he said, “It’s on the house,” and Big & Rich took off from there, all the while exchanging ideas with McGraw. What was interesting about the song writing process in which these three implemented was that email played a major role, which of course is out of the norm. Yes, these three talented gentlemen wrote a song via email–how 2016 of them!

But we didn’t just talk about their work and their views on current country music, although they did not hold back from expressing their opinions on artists from other genres joining the country format, but we dug deeper.

Come to find out, these guys are a lot like us—as parents, they have the everyday struggles, and for John, that includes dealing with his son’s night terrors. Talking to these two is like talking to a couple of your pals, and just listening to this interview you can sense that feeling of comfort. Check it out HERE