The Band Perry is Having an Identity Crisis


I really like the Band Perry. Their live shows are energetic, their songs are catchy and their hair goes on for days. They’ve put out some real gems, including “If I Die Young,” “Better Dig Two” and their gorgeous take on Glen Campbell’s “Gentle on My Mind.”

However, earlier this year, they drenched themselves in yellow and released the head-scratcher of a single that is “Live Forever.” It was unabashedly pop and fun…and totally weird.

Now, things are getting even weirder and weirder for Neil, Kimberly and Reid. Fur and shouting have sadly become their best friends as they screech “Put me in the game, coach.”

Really, this just makes me sad.

Please, coach, take them out of the game and have them sit on the bench until they realize the error of their ways.


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    Unbelievably stupid. You have to be kidding.

    Janet nave

    There are too many good groups on the scene to consider band perry anymore. Go pop and fail. They had their chance.

    Teresa Rogers Critzer

    Agreed-this one does nothing for them-a terrible fit. Kimberly Perry is such a fine singer, but this song makes her sound pitchy, strangely off beat, and does nothing to showcase her and the band’s talents. I’m sure there are many songwriters out there-including me-who would love the chance to have her record some of their tunes and take them to the next level with her voice and energy. As an unknown songwriter from Maryland, with the way the music industry is today, I realize I stand almost no chance of getting any of my songs pitched to major artists like her. I won’t give up trying…but it can be discouraging when you hear something like this receiving airplay. The Band Perry can do so much better; they have already proven that many times! They need to be themselves instead of changing their sound and style to fit what the industry says the listeners want to hear. Sad and annoying that so many Country artists seem to be doing this. Please-make it stop!

    Brook Stephens

    Is it possible that this track was put into the lineup because it was a football game they were performing at? They don’t look the most comfortable with it and I’ve never heard this in the set.

    I wouldn’t retire your Fan-dom on these three yet 🙂


      nah, it’s a new song from their upcoming album… it’s been performed on their shows since last month.


    There is no way I would buy an album with that song or the other two that they have been promoting, In It Together and Best One Yet. As bad as I hate to say it, I’m very disappointed in this group. They’ve should’ve stuck with writing with the Henningsons, their best material came from that collaboration. Now, it is a wannabe Beyoncé plus her two brothers.

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