The Band Perry is Having an Identity Crisis


I really like the Band Perry. Their live shows are energetic, their songs are catchy and their hair goes on for days. They’ve put out some real gems, including “If I Die Young,” “Better Dig Two” and their gorgeous take on Glen Campbell’s “Gentle on My Mind.”

However, earlier this year, they drenched themselves in yellow and released the head-scratcher of a single that is “Live Forever.” It was unabashedly pop and fun…and totally weird.

Now, things are getting even weirder and weirder for Neil, Kimberly and Reid. Fur and shouting have sadly become their best friends as they screech “Put me in the game, coach.”

Really, this just makes me sad.

Please, coach, take them out of the game and have them sit on the bench until they realize the error of their ways.

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