This “American Idol” Audition Will Leave You In Tears (Watch!)


This is the fifteenth season of American Idol and never once has an audition had the type of tear-jerking impact that fifteen-year-old Tristan McIntosh‘s Little Rock performance did.

The beautiful and mature teenager, with guitar in hand, entered the judging room and announced that she would be singing Mickey Guyton‘s breathtaking “Why Baby Why“, taking her place at the piano bench. While Tristan’s focus and passion, along with the words of one of my favorite songs to be released in 2015, were enough to bring me to tears, it was what followed the audition that left America weeping.

After the judges gave their feedback, Harry Connick, Jr. read Tristan a letter from a very special person. What followed cannot adequately be described in words. Grab your tissues and watch the video below. Not only will you fall in love with a serious Idol contender, but you will fall in love with the show’s ability to truly make and change lives.

Download Mickey Guyton’s “Why Baby Why” off her EP here.

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  1. Shannon

    Love her.

    1. Jen Swirsky

      Ugh. Same. Obsessed. Spoilers online tell me we will see a lot more of her ;). AND someone very close to my heart! AHHH!

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