Album Review: Two Story Road’s Self-Titled Debut EP


In life, you will encounter many milestone moments. When you are a musician, you hope you can say the same about your career. Two Story Road has traveled miles recently, experiencing a fresh look, debut song release, iTunes premiere, and now, its first collection of purchasable songs in the form of a self-titled debut EP.

Hop on the road that is this duo’s story — it is one ride on which you will enjoy every moment. The next stop: indulging in a debut EP that will introduce you to the many layers of Brandon and Jamelle Fraley, all of which intertwine seamlessly.

Included on the six-song project is the previously released “Arson“, which served as the duo’s inaugural release to the industry; a couple of songs longtime fans will recognize; and three tracks that few have yet to hear, but many will call fast favorites. Ranging from haunting to happy and typically temporary problems to permanently loving relationships, the EP consists of a variety of songs that will provide the perfect tune for any place your life takes you, no matter the road you are on today.

Light of the Moon” and “Typical” were previously performed by Brandon and Jamelle, also finding a home on the Two Story Road website to keep their “Roadies” constantly fulfilled as this project came to fruition. Taking on two separate tones, “Light of the Moon” gives way to a fun, summery tune that can supplement a tailgate or jump start a starlit evening, while “Typical” is anything but typical for this happily married couple. Stepping into unfamiliar shoes, the two belt this heartrending ballad about a wavering relationship that lacks the type of stability and contentment that are written in permanent ink across the Fraleys’ faces.

On the subject of “Permanent Ink“, the fifth track is a stand out on the album, not only speaking to Brandon and Jamelle’s personal relationship, but also setting the tone for Two Story Road’s future — one that will be permanently etched on the industry like a tattoo. Though each of the six songs on the Two Story Road EP demonstrates the vocal strengths of the duo, both as individuals and a harmonizing pair, “Permanent Ink” is an exceptional highlight, giving way to Jamelle’s breathtakingly untouchable range and Brandon’s smooth and equally incomparable voice. Coupling the vocals with an earworm of a song, the power ballad is one that will far from fade from your minds.

I Got It” and “Russian History” are the two remaining songs that will be new to everybody who picks up a copy of Two Story Road EP, bearing absolutely no similarities to one another, nor to anything else on the record. “I Got It” is a romantic slow to mid-tempo song with a beat that takes on new life during the chorus and can best be described as a looking glass into Brandon and Jamelle as a couple. Embracing their relationship and willingly sharing their happiness with the world, the two vow to be there for one another, no matter what that may mean at any point. “Russian History” is quite the antithesis to its predecessor, employing a quirky, sassy delivery by Jamelle about how little the man in her life knows about her, eventually flipping the hilariously and intelligently penned tune into an admission that he is, likewise, as mysterious to her as Russian history.

Summarily, Two Story Road EP delivers a variety of tracks that don’t force the duo into one particular box, yet somehow forms a perfectly put together package of introductory material that will allow listeners to wholly understand the artists that make up Two Story Road. Download the EP now by visiting iTunes and let us know what you think of the six-track collection by leaving us a comment below or tweeting us @NashvilleGab. Also make sure you are following Two Story Road on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to continue traveling this journey with two deserving and incredibly gracious individuals.