Reid Perry of The Band Perry is country music’s Harry Styles

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 10.36.20 AM

Okay, sure, at first look, it has to be the hair factor that connect Reid Perry of The Band Perry and Harry Styles of One Direction. And while the lovely locks certainly help paint a picture of similarity, let’s not forget that BOTH are talented artists. Yup, they both sing. They’re both male. And they’re both part of bands.

If those aren’t reasons to classify Reid as the Harry Styles of country music, then I straight up don’t know what else would!


Nope, Florida Georgia Line didn’t just tweet out their personal phone number

On Friday morning, it looked as though one of the boys of Florida Georgia Line had made a major social media blunder when a picture of a text message from his wife appeared to show his new phone number. Other famous folks have made the same mistake over the years, so it wasn’t the first time this sort of thing had happened and probably wouldn’t be the last. But was this really an oops or more of a gotcha?

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