Miranda Lambert helps tease “Fuller House”

Miranda Lambert house that built me

Eighties viewing staple ‘Full House’ is officially coming back to television thanks to Netflix. This morning, the streaming powerhouse released the very first teaser trailer for the show and surprise(!), it features none other than Miranda Lambert.

Sort of.

The teaser trailer features Miranda Lambert’s song ‘The House That Built Me’ playing while the camera pans around and shows an updated version of the original ‘Full House’ house, a dog similar to the original Comet, and the front door where you can hear the voices of the original cast getting ready to come in the house.

Talk about nostalgia city.

‘Fuller House’ is a modern-day continuation of the 80s sitcom and will feature the original cast (minus the Olsen twins) all grown up. All 13 episodes of the new show will start streaming on Netflix February 26.


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