Miranda Lambert on Her Divorce: “There Ain’t a Side”


Miranda Lambert recently opened up to Cosmopolitan about her divorce from Blake Shelton, explaining that the relationship and its downfall will be learning experiences for her in the future. Now, with the magazine on newsstands, more information is surfacing regarding the famous country couple’s split, including Miranda’s stance on taking sides in the matter.

Poignantly sharing that she is ready to move forward and believes the public should, as well, Miranda stated:

We just need y’all to be supportive and nobody picks a side, because there ain’t a side.

Chalking the relationship’s end up to the changes people go through personally and how those changes can affect others, the recently turned thirty-two year-old explained:

You change as people. If I’m not a different person than I was at 21, then something’s wrong with me.

As Miranda continues to adjust to this time and the ongoing changes related to her personal life, we ask that you do unto Miranda as she would do unto you and support both her and Blake as they move on.

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  1. tonyalynnee@aol.com'
    tonya pendergraft

    I will stand by you Miranda I luv your songs an sing them over an over,i had 2 of your cd’s an took my car to the shop to get fixed an someone stole all the cd’s I had ,shameful ,as for blake id like to sing him the cheater cheater whered you meet her song ,but we all know where he met her , keep your chin up your are beautiful,an you will shine on ,keep on bringing us your sassy music I love it,

  2. Blablah@hotmail.com'


  3. fwtownson@email.com'
    Frank Townson

    Well said Miranda, think all. Fans should move on as well , we all love you both and this was a shock to all , glad you have the attitude you have about it ,God Bless you and bestof wishes always !!

  4. Qxinfinity@gmail.com'

    Blake Sheldon, total ass. No respect, none what ever. ?

  5. Stevejackson0@me.com'

    Miranda sounds very mature and has a great attitude. Most people should be so lucky.

  6. Serena_story@yahoo.com'

    Well how can she say to the public not to choose sides when all the garbage is thrown out there newspapers magazines The Voice report and then now don’t choose sides go figure

  7. cagletammy@hotmail.com'

    I’m sorry but Gwen was hitting on Blake before your Divorce. I know its over between you two but as long as Blake is with Gwen I will not support him. Never liked Gwen, she is Fake. If he dated Anyone else I would support him. But as long as he is with that white trash husband stealing whore. I Will Not Support Him

  8. zztripez@yahoo.com'

    What a Lady! So glad to hear a down to earth reply, no pointing fingers or rude comments about the situation. Unfortunately, it is what it is. Accept, Forgive, and move on…

  9. Tom@buffalotruckcenter.com'

    I find it unlikely based on your story, or there lack of, that it was your decision to stop practicing law. Do yourself a favor, stop taking selfies, and attempt to get a job.

    1. Shannon

      What a cute little insult. Jen’s currently living her Music City dream. What are you doing with your life?

    2. Jen Swirsky

      I actually still have my law license and am an adjunct professor at my law school. I am choosing not to get my Tennessee license because I don’t enjoy practicing law and will use my education (you know, my magna cum laude degree and top 9% placement in my large graduating class) for things that involve music.

      I appreciate your advice to get a job. I’ll give that a go when I find time between my 9-5 office job, writing for two websites, helping my students, helping an artist, training for my next St. Jude run, and event planning/booking talent for a childhood cancer awareness fundraiser concert.

      Thank you for your concern. Hopefully someday you can find your passion and follow your dreams, rather than living a perfunctory life and taking time to judge people and their decisions on the internet.

  10. Bj4schou@yahoo.com'
    Country muisic

    I personally love you and your music, and I also love Blake and his music too, I wish you two the best in what ever you you two do….I love country music…keep up what ya all are doing!!

  11. jgleason1953@gmail.com'
    Jeannie Gleason


  12. diane7darlings@gmail.com'

    Please leave Miranda, Blake and Gwen out of the public eye. You are dragging all 3 of them down the drain. If anything is to come of this it should be there achievements.

  13. diane7darlings@gmail.com'

    If anyone is going to accomplish success after this divorce, without dragging all 3 of them down the drain, is only positive reviews of their achievements since.

  14. ozleng@netzero.com'

    She is a lady. Very impressed.

  15. katzpaw@cox.net'
    Donna Bryson

    Public life has to be difficult and these two are no exception. Especially when they don’t know the Lord Jesus as their LORD and Savior. It’s one thing to KNOW Him and another to KNOW ABOUT Him. If we want to serve Him, we must turn our life over to Him and submit to what His plans are for it. Otherwise, we will never find happiness.

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