Miranda Lambert on Her Divorce: “There Ain’t a Side”


Miranda Lambert recently opened up to Cosmopolitan about her divorce from Blake Shelton, explaining that the relationship and its downfall will be learning experiences for her in the future. Now, with the magazine on newsstands, more information is surfacing regarding the famous country couple’s split, including Miranda’s stance on taking sides in the matter.

Poignantly sharing that she is ready to move forward and believes the public should, as well, Miranda stated:

We just need y’all to be supportive and nobody picks a side, because there ain’t a side.

Chalking the relationship’s end up to the changes people go through personally and how those changes can affect others, the recently turned thirty-two year-old explained:

You change as people. If I’m not a different person than I was at 21, then something’s wrong with me.

As Miranda continues to adjust to this time and the ongoing changes related to her personal life, we ask that you do unto Miranda as she would do unto you and support both her and Blake as they move on.

Miranda Lambert Cosmo cover

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