Gab’s Countdown to Christmas: Little Big Town


There were rumors that 2015 would be the year that the members of Little Big Town lent their angelic harmonies to a Christmas album, but that project was pushed back to 2016.

While we not-so-patiently await what will undoubtedly be one of the best Christmas albums ever, we’ll bide our time with LBT’s version of “Tennessee Christmas” and “Children Go Where I Send Thee” because I couldn’t decide on one.

With their harmonies warm enough to melt the snow, they’ve practically convinced this New York girl that a “tender Tennessee Christmas is the only Christmas for me.”

And I have a soft spot for “Children Go Where I Send Thee,” which I once sang off-key in my elementary school Christmas concert. Trust me when I say LBT sounds way better with their soulful a capella take on the song.