Gab’s Countdown to Christmas: Kristian Bush


There’s just something about Kristian Bush’s voice that sounds like Christmas. It’s as warm and inviting as a crackling fireplace with a glass of brandy, so it only makes sense that the male half of Sugarland would release a future holiday classic. Enter the tongue-in-cheek “Thinking About Drinking for Christmas.”

“I am proud to release my first-ever Christmas single,” Bush says. “It feels like it has been a long time coming and it could be the beginning of something fun. I love Christmas music and have been writing Christmas songs as a tradition every year. Not sure if you feel like you might need a drink to handle your family during the holidays, but if you do, this could be your song. Christmas has a soundtrack and I want to be on yours.”

Co-written by Bush, Brett James and Chris Young, the song tackles the need to imbibe to a bit to put up with your family. The song begins with “Christmas is a very special time of year, any minute now my relatives will all be here, please God don’t let me run out of beer…” With that, the tone is sent for the quintessential country Christmas song, and it’s definitely going on all of my Christmas playlists.

Thinking about drinking for Christmas? Us too.

The independent release is now available at iTunes and wherever digital music is sold:


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