Ten Times Kimberly Schlapman Brightened Our Lives


Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman’s smile can brighten a dark day more so than Clark Griswold’s house on Christmas. With about a zillion watts (per tooth), there are few other, if any, artists who can make our troubles disappear with just a grin. Here are ten times Kimberly’s glowing face made life more magical.

1. Before we had a massive Girl Crush on her (and Karen Fairchild), she was still all smiles.


2. When she took the Marilyn Monroe windblown look and made it one of the cutest things we have ever seen, all while taming those curly locks.

3. When she leaned across the counter like she was going to tell us a secret … because we are her best friends, naturally.


4. When we realized she actually loves Ariana Grande more than us, but that’s okay because she made sure that if Ariana had ninety-nine problems, her street cred in Nashville wasn’t one.


5. When she let us know that out of everyone at a Little Big Town show, she is always going to be having the most fun.

6. When she shared her radiating glee with her precious daughter, Daisy, ensuring that generations to come will be lit up by a Schlapman smile.


7. When she shared that smile again, this time with those much less fortunate than her.


8. When she made the kitchen a place we would maybe consider spending a little more time. Maybe.


9. When she tearfully paid homage to Jimi Westbrook’s sister, Joyce, who had passed away just before the CMA Artist of the Year ceremony and made us all weep along side her.


10. When Kimberly even made Kimberly’s life a little brighter.


Bet you can’t have a bad day now, can you? You’re welcome.


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    Peggy Chisholm

    Kim has brightened many people’s lives including mine. Peggy

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