Joey and Rory’s daughter Indiana gets amazing love from the local pizza joint

Indiana Christmas time
Indy via

A pizzeria with a big heart? It’s a Christmas miracle!

I promised a while ago not to use Joey Feek’s health as fodder for my blog anymore because I respect this pair so, so much and didn’t feel right about turning Joey’s cancer fight into just another headline to bring in readers. It was a personal choice on my part and for the most part I’ve been happy with my decision. What I didn’t count on, however, was how dang hard it was going to be NOT to share their story.

What I’ve come to realize is that it’s not Joey’s health updates necessarily that I’ve wanted to share as much as it is Rory’s love of Joey and how he views their world and their life – if that makes any sense. He just has a very special way of making even a cancer fight seem magical and beautiful.

So I’m sharing one of his stories this morning because I’m weak and this story is way, way too sweet not to share.  And it involves pizza, which I love, and I think that businesses that do good should get some good publicity.

Anyway, Rory took to his blog this morning with a new post called it’s Christmas time. He and Joey are still in Indiana at her family home and they decided to order pizza. Apparently it’s something that has become quite a regular occurrence and that the local pizza restaurant, Pizza King (go and show them some love), as usual, wouldn’t let them pay for their pizza.

I have trouble getting free Parmesan cheese from my local pizza place, so this is a pretty amazing thing for the Pizza King to do on a regular basis. But then the restaurant did something else completely amazing for Joey and Rory’s daughter Indiana … they gave her gifts. Lots and lots of gifts.

A few evenings ago, we were all together here spending time with Joey and someone suggested that we should order pizza for dinner… again. So, I called in the order to Pizza King, the local pizza place here in Alexandria, and 20 minutes later walked in to pick up our order. When I got to the counter, once again – no matter how much I pleaded – they wouldn’t let me pay for my pizza (everyone there is so nice). But this time, the girl at the counter said the owner had left a few Christmas gifts for Indiana and she handed me a big bag.

When I got back to the house, Joey’s sisters and I opened the bag and realized that those nice folks had bought and wrapped 25 separate presents (they’re all different books I think) for Indiana to open… one each day from December 1st, all the way through Christmas. What a beautiful, thoughtful thing to do.

25 gifts for Christmas

What a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do, indeed. It really just goes to show you how much this couple’s story has meant to so many people. When you can move the local pizzeria to care this much, you know your story is really touching people’s hearts.

You can read Rory’s full post here.