Jo Dee Messina Performs RARE & Unreleased Song (Watch!)


Early this year, Jo Dee Messina was testing out new music on the road, surprising fans with possible future album cuts to give them a sense of direction for her future. Included in the fresh material (which also consisted of her current single in its full band form, “Will You Love Me” and, more recently, the title track from her forthcoming EP, “Masquerade“) was an untitled track that induced chills in those who were able to hear the song live and online.

The tune is reminiscent of “Say Goodbye to Superman“, the final track on her last album, Me, as it revolves around a broken home and family torn apart. As the man of the household unapologetically leaves his family behind, his former partner is left to clean up the debris left in the path of his destruction. Part of the aftermath of the storm is the couple’s innocent children who are left confused and destroyed, requiring the remaining parent to carry the burden of explanation.

A song geared toward the breaking down of a family unit, the lyrics Jo Dee croons as she emotionally plays the piano are relatable to anyone who has experienced love and loss in any form. The heartbreaking chorus goes:

You chose to dance with the devil, now we’re left with the price to be paid, it’s sad you make your decisions, not caring about those that you hurt on the way. And now I’m here left with the pieces to clean up this mess that you made, well some day I’ll have to explain, find the words to say you’re gone.

Much like any song Jo Dee writes, listeners are immediately drawn to the story behind the lyrics, as well as the gorgeous delivery that can only come from one of the country music genre’s most beloved and timeless artists. This song is just one more reminder of how very blessed we are to have had Jo Dee Messina in our lives for so long and how fortunate we are to know we will have her for many, many more years to come.