Gab’s Countdown to Christmas: Jo Dee Messina


To ring in the day our Countdown to Christmas has been leading up to, we hand the mic to Jo Dee Messina with an intimate, at-home, piano-only performance of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas“. Using the two instruments that are personal favorites of mine when it comes to a Jo Dee song — her voice and a piano — the multi-platinum selling, award winning artist wishes her fans a happy holiday in the best way possible.

Sit down and enjoy a Christmas gift from Jo Dee Messina and our team, as one of our favorite voices in the industry reminds us to cast adversity aside for a day and simply have ourselves a merry little Christmas with those dear to us.

Merry Christmas, NashvilleGab readers! We wish you and your loved ones a day of everything that makes your hearts full and thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for your loyalty and support this year. We couldn’t ask for a better group of followers!