Exclusive Interview: Catch Up with Jessie James Decker This Christmas!


I have now been fortunate enough to interview Jessie James Decker on several occasions, and the common theme is that I will always get to have a fun conversation with a down-to-earth, authentic, kindhearted girl who loves her family and fans. So, when the opportunity came to chat with Jessie about her Christmas single, “This Christmas“, I felt like the holiday came slightly early because I knew to expect a great time — and Jessie did not disappoint.

Jessie was also able to welcome some holiday excitement early this year in the form of an iTunes Number 1 song, once again. Continuing a streak that she has begun, the country singer and clothing designer saw “This Christmas” dance up the chart and shine like the star atop a Christmas tree.

It feels great ’cause it makes me feel like [the fans] respond to me well. They like what I’m doing and they’re loyal. It feels great, you know? Especially not having a label and doing this on my own, it feels great.

The song that Jessie’s fans recently stood behind her on is the aforementioned “This Christmas”, a tune that she decided to record as a keepsake for her children (Vivianne and Eric, Jr.). With that in mind, Jessie set out to create a record that could “last forever” and be something the kids could listen to throughout their entire lives.

I love Christmas. It’s my favorite time of year, and I know it’s everyone else’s favorite time of year, but it just is! To be able to make a record that can last forever is just exciting.

Another exciting thing happening for Jessie is the launch of her Lights Down Low Tour, which kicks off in February 2016 (with opening act Temecula Road). As part of the show, Jessie will reveal new music that is appearing on her forthcoming album, as well as fun covers and songs from her earlier years.

Kind of all over the map. It’s just a big party! . . . I’ve been working on [my album] for a long time and that album is done, so. I got pregnant and had the baby, so we were supposed to release it this summer, but weren’t able to do that. I had something else I had to release. This year, we will be releasing that record.

Fans can also look forward to some potential Vivi cameos during Jessie’s tour, considering the first-born to Jessie and husband Eric Decker is quite the ham!

That girl loves to be on stage. I’m telling you, she’s gonna be a little singer already. I can tell. . . . It’s crazy! I would never push my children to do anything they don’t want to do, and I hate stage mothers, I hate all that crap. So, I’m always really protective, which is why we didn’t even do a third season. I don’t ever want to put her in that situation, but my goodness, she just wants to be in it! She RUNS out on stage and wants to sing and wants to be out there. Same thing with the Opry this weekend. She was like “Mama! Mama! Mama!” She kept telling me she wanted to come out on stage. What am I going to do? I’m not going to tell her no!

The moral of the story is, Vivi made her Grand Ole Opry debut, and Jessie and I are now wondering if she holds the record for the youngest person to achieve this. Historians and/or history enthusiasts, if you want to let us know, we would appreciate it greatly!

Aside from performing at The Ryman Auditorium with an almost two-year-old on her hip, Jessie has further proven that it is possible to juggle motherhood, music, and a myriad of other responsibilities. She has also been dabbling in fashion for quite a while, recently launching her clothing and accessories line, Kittenish. To show off her designs, Jessie held a party in New York, an event which introduced people to the line and gave the entrepreneur some ongoing insight as to how the public receives it.

It’s been received really well, which is kind of why we had the collection party, because the first season did so well for us. I mean, we were shocked. We pretty much sold out of everything, and it just continues to do really well. So, I’m really enjoying this. It’s just another way to express creativity and another way for me to empower women, and I’m all about standing up for yourself and being strong and having confidence. It’s just another way to be able to see that, and I think through these clothes, they’re not expensive, they’re not your typical designer stuff, but it’s stuff that I would wear. Something that makes me feel confident. That’s why I designed them.

Glancing toward 2016, Jessie has so much to anticipate, but what was first on her list of things she is looking forward to involved seeing her babies continue to grow and flourish and spending time with her family. Jessie is also eager to get on the road and tour, which means getting to see her supportive fans. I know I’m looking forward to catching Jessie when she comes to Nashville in March, and if you want to, likewise, have the opportunity to see Jessie in early 2016, click here for tour dates and ticket information.

Thank you to Jessie James Decker for being as incredible as always. We wish the entire Decker family a very happy holiday, and look forward to sharing an amazing 2016 with Jessie!

Listen to Jessie James Decker’s “This Christmas”:


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