Jason Aldean Rewards a Young Fan with the Christmas Spirit


When it comes to doing good for others, the reason should never be attention or applause. However, one ten-year old is earning both of those from Jason Aldean in return for her good deeds.

According to KRQE, Lillyanna Martinez recently forfeited gifts at her birthday party, asking that guests bring something to be donated to those in need. She was able to donate toys, hats, scarves, jackets and more to those in need, and received a call from Bobby Bones, whose show inspired her selfless act.

In addition to chatting with Bones, Lillyanna received a special message from Jason Aldean. “Hey, what’s up Lillyanna? I heard what you were doing this year, giving your presents to needy kids and it’s unbelievable. I think we need more kids to set an example like that,” said Aldean. In addition to his sweet message, he offered her some special gifts. “We’re going to send you an autographed guitar and we’re also going to get you tickets to any show of mine that you want to come to, meet and greet so I have a chance to say thank you to you in person,” said Aldean.

Jason also took to social media to share the story, writing, “Lillyanna is what the Christmas season is all about!”