How does Miranda Lambert spend her holidays?

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It is probably safe to say this year’s holidays may be a tad bit different for Miranda Lambert. For…let’s just say…obvious reasons. But different doesn’t always have to mean bad. And different doesn’t always have to take away from the joy that is Christmas.

“I love, love, love holidays,” she says. “It’s my time to really be a girl. I grew up, you know, with all the decorations and cookin’, and I get really domestic during holidays. And it’s kind of weird ’cause it’s so opposite of who I am on stage.”

Kinda digging this festive side to Ms. Lambert….



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    Diana Garcia

    This sounds so sarcastic, of course is going to be tough for Miranda Lambert

    Mary Jones

    We all know she’ll be a good girl, but I’m ready for gun powder & Lead and some of her badass ways. Just sayin, I wish she’d shoot up the whole front of his house, pepper that sucker w/bullet holes & knock down all the deer stands. Also, whip whoever’s sorry ass that took the photo & put the pictures of her stuff on the porch. I know it’s wrong and won’t happen, but I wish it would. But, that’s just me !!!
    Also, I wouldn’t “hide ” from him, I’d catch his lanky ass out w/gwen and lay a big ole kiss on him to say “hello”, and I do it every time I saw him. I know he would LOVE it ! lol

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