Gab’s Countdown to Christmas: Lucy Hale


Lucy Hale made a huge impact on country music when she entered the industry years back, bringing her fans from several of her other projects along for the ride and introducing them to the genre. Though Lucy has been rather quiet on the public front lately, rumor has it is she is still ferociously writing behind the scenes for other artists, keeping her toes in the music industry water.

During her successful stint as a country music singer, Lucy graced the CMA Country Christmas stage with her presence, helping her industry peers celebrate Christmas and put on a show for fans. On the 2013 special, Lucy sang “Christmas Baby Please Come Home“, clad in a festive red dress and accompanied by a string orchestra. If Lucy was only going to have one shot to make her debut on the CMA Christmas stage (Lucy also performed in 2014), she certainly did so in a memorable way!

On this 8th day of December, watch Lucy Hale perform “Christmas Baby Please Come Home”: