Couple Charged with Assaulting Producer Dave Brainard Claim “Self Defense”

Dave Brainard with guitar

Ah, this is something straight out of the TV show Nashville. A major record producer is found beaten in the street with no suspects, only to turn into months of surgery and legal turmoil.

The couple (who eventually surrendered) and were charged with assaulting Brandy Clark record producer Dave Brainard are claiming self-defense, according to a new report today by The Tennessean. As you may remember, Brainard was beaten while walking through Nashville and left in the street by the suspects, who surrendered over a week after the incident.

“My clients were defending themselves, and he got hurt accidentally in the process,” Nashville attorney Mark Scruggs told The Tennessean.

Dustin Hargrove and Nicole Hargrove claim that the confrontation started when they nearly hit Brainard and his friend on a crosswalk on Demonbreun Hill, bringing the situation upon himself. According to the Hargroves’ lawyer, Brainard fell and hit his jaw, which was later wired shut in surgery. “He had no idea Brainard had been injured so badly,” Scruggs said.

Brainard’s manager, Stephen Linn of AmpliFLY Entertainment, revealed to the Tennessean that Brainard has “said before, he trusts the process and the investigation will reveal the facts of what really happened.”

While we do believe there are always two sides to every story, we can’t help but doubt the innocence of the couple charged here. Brainard was left beaten in the street in need of emergency surgery, while the couple fled and surrendered days later. Hopefully for everyone’s sake, justice is served.