Country Music Band Member Missing After Hunting Trip


Arkansas country music band Backroad Anthem is going through what nobody should ever have to deal with — the disappearance of one of its own members and death of a close friend.

Band member, Craig Strickland, and his good friend, Chase Morland, went out duck hunting around 2:00am on Sunday, December 27th. The band shared earlier today that nobody has heard from either Craig or Chase in over twenty-four hours, requesting prayers from its online followers.

Unfortunately, following this request, news broke that Chase’s body was recovered, and the band shared its continued hope that Craig is still fighting to return home.

According to News 9 in Oklahoma, the boat Craig and Chase went duck hunting in was found capsized just after midnight this morning and search efforts ensued. However, the search was suspended late in the day today, due to weather and loss of light. The search is set to continue tomorrow morning.

Before the two set out on their hunt, Chase sent out this all-too-real and incredibly sad tweet that was retweeted by Craig:

Our thoughts and prayers are with Backroad Anthem, Craig Strickland’s friends and family, and the friends and family of Chase Morland.