Gab’s Countdown to Christmas: Clay Walker


Few singers can make my heart melt like the snow on a warm winter’s day like Clay Walker. His voice has captivated me since I was in middle school, and he continues to be one of my all time favorite singers to this very day.

Now, I want to share a secret with all of you — and this is a secret you can carry with you for all the articles I do related to this Countdown to Christmas on NashvilleGab — I am not a fan of traditional Christmas music. Not one bit. Instead, I will take an original holiday tune any day, freeing me from the “Little Drummer Boy” songs of the world. However, when I heard Clay sing the opening lyrics of “O Come All Ye Faithful“, I succumbed to a classic and think I may be a legitimate convert.

Listen to Clay Walker belt out the gorgeous piece of music and start your second day of December (with twenty-three days left until Christmas!) on a festive note by clicking on the video below.