Cassadee Pope Gets Standing Ovation from Nashville Crowd


Cassadee Pope has been touring the country to promote her current single, “I Am Invincible”, barely spending any time with her feet planted firmly on the ground in one city. However, the Nashville resident took time to share her talents with Music City, signing on to perform at the Country Music Hall of Fame during a complimentary entry day.

During her time on stage, Cassadee performed seven songs, sandwiching less anticipated tunes with her two radio singles from her debut album, Frame by Frame. Opening with her sophomore single, “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart“, Cassadee immediately showed off her guitar-playing skills (along side band members Pat McCarthy and Tom Whall), as well as her never-ending vocals that won America’s hearts many years ago. Ensuring that the crowd remained in the palm of her hand moving forward, Cassadee wasted no time engaging with her audience and insisting that everybody participate in her cover of Tom Petty‘s “Won’t Back Down“.

By the time Cassadee edged into her third song on the set list, “Edge of a Thunderstorm“, it was quite clear the audience was captivated, having some “good times”, and eager for what was to come. What was on the brink was likely far more than they could have imagined, considering the horizon consisted of a Christmas classic, her current single, and a dance along groove, all before she closed with her platinum debut single, “Wasting All These Tears“.

Cassadee’s current single, “I Am Invincible”, is touching more lives every time she performs it, motivating people to see the beauty within themselves and realize everything they have to offer without letting others’ negativity get them down. This remained true at her CMA Theater show at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Other than being an encouraging song in Cassadee’s catalog, the country/pop track is perfectly demonstrative of her incredible vocal range, control, and uniqueness, never ceasing to amaze even those who have heard her perform it on several occasions. With notes of heights many could never dream of reaching, Cassadee is able to show off her untouchable abilities, all the while sharing an uplifting message that mirrors the type of positivity that she brings to the world just by being a part of it.

With Christmas trees standing bright behind her, Cassadee also capitalized on the occasion to delve into a version of “O Holy Night” that could cause you to fall on your knees, a full video of which we will post tomorrow (December 14th) during our Gab’s Countdown to Christmas. This undeniably breathtaking performance was far from an outlier, as it lent credence to the audience members’ contemplation to stand and applaud the singer-songwriter before the end of her show.

Before exiting the stage to sign autographs for fans in the museum, Cassadee led the crowd in her groovy Frame by Frame track “Good Times“, enticing smiles, dancing, and singing from those who were familiar with the song. Even spotting people in the crowd who were having the time of their lives, Cassadee encouraged continued fun, receiving the crowd participation she asked for when the second verse began.

Inevitably, Cassadee ended her show with her hit debut, conquering one of the biggest notes in her repertoire and ultimately forcing the crowd to its feet to offer her a much deserved standing ovation. Noticing the gesture from her audience, Cassadee, who had begun to leave the stage, quickly and quirkily returned to the front and almost center to jokingly pose in appreciation.

It was a wonderful way to spend an early Sunday afternoon in Nashville, being able to see a brilliant artist shine on stage — both in talent and personality. Cassadee Pope in a live setting is always mesmerizing because it’s so rare to see a legitimate and natural talent burst from the seams of somebody so lovely, gracious, and unassuming. With that being said, it’s just impossible not to fall in love with Cassadee Pope, time and time again.

Watch Cassadee perform “I Am Invincible” at the Country Music Hall of Fame below, and make sure to download her single from iTunes today!


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    great performance b ut is this song still her single? it’s been on the radio for literally more than 3 months and it’s barely holding it’s own in the top 60. it won’t even make it to the top 50; it’s flopping sales-wise, not even the voice performance helped it. anyone that has kept an eye on the country charts in the past year know this has no place on the radio. republic nashville is damn STUPID if they plan on holding on to this in hopes that the duet w/ chris young will give it exposure. she can do better than this, come on. they better give her a new single in january.

    1. Jen Swirsky

      It is her single.

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