Blake Shelton lines up angry new movie role

Blake Shelton Angry Birds movie
Blake Shelton and a few friends in new Angry Birds movie – photo via Angry Birds Twitter

It’s official, Blake Shelton’s a pig … in his new movie that is.

It was announced today that Blake Shelton is set to voice a bright green pig in the upcoming Angry Birds movie.

And it sounds like he was bursting at the seams to let fans know.

Apart from voicing the character, Blake was also asked to write and perform a song for the movie, which proved to be harder than you would expect.

“I can write things about myself and my life,” the singer told Entertainment Weekly about writing the new experience. “But I don’t have a whole lot of experience being shot out of a slingshot at pigs.”

As for the pig he plays in the cartoon, which comes complete with Blake’s easily identifiable arm tattoo, Shelton says he really had to country things up. “They kept saying, ‘More country!’ I felt like I was doing a voice-over for Dukes of Hazzard.”

The movie, which is based on the highly-addictive game that everyone was playing on their iPads a couple of years ago, will hit theaters May 20.

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