Aaron Parker Releases His “I’d Go Right Now” Music Video (Watch!)


When you hear the music of Aaron Parker, there is no doubt he is a country artist who finds his influences in the nineties. When you listen to his song “I’d Go Right Now,” the impact the nineties had on this new artist becomes even more glaring.

In a very Kenny Chesney‘esque way, Aaron reminisces of his past, admitting that, if given the opportunity, he would go back to a certain point in time and do it all again. The corresponding music video chronicles a love that he fondly recalls and to which he would gladly return.

The music video was directed by Josh Carter — someone whom Aaron credits for making the final product so beautiful.

Josh and I had never worked together prior to this project, but I’m stoked we met. I’m a film, lighting and angle nerd, so I had a good idea about what I wanted the video to look like, but zero idea on how to make it happen. Josh was quintessential and stepped in like the young pro he is; he took my ideas and raised the bar on them ten notches. I hope y’all love it, I think it tells the story of “I’d go right now” in the best way.

Watch Aaron Parker’s “I’d Go Right Now” music video below.