Who Does Carrie Underwood Want to Duet With?


Carrie Underwood has done her fair share of covering other artists’ songs, considering the platform she used to catapult her to super stardom. Throughout her incredibly successful career, she has also collaborated with acts who are outside of country music, including Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler (pre-Big Machine).

The reigning American Music Awards Favorite Female Country Artist recently shared with E! who is next on her duet bucket list, and considering the fact she teamed up with Steven in the past, this one may not come as a huge surprise.

I really want to sing with Axl Rose at some point in my life. I’ve covered enough Guns N’ Roses stuff and it was people like him who taught me how to sing. They were so different. I look at people like him and [Queen’s] Freddie Mercury, those people who were doing all these crazy runs. It was so different.

As a huge fan of Guns N’ Roses, I am fully in support of this collaboration and will be sitting here waiting for it with bated breath. Come on music gods … make. it. happen!