Exclusive Premiere: Two Story Road’s Debut Song “Arson” (Listen!)


It is through eyes blurred by tears that I write this article about two of my favorite people in this world, Jamelle and Brandon Fraley of Two Story Road.

Two Story Road came into my life a couple of years ago and I was instantly drawn to them as entertainers and individuals. Jamelle made a lasting impression on me during her final show with Carrie Underwood, while Brandon won me over with his quick and witty sense of humor during an at-home Stageit show. I have been blessed to call these two friends for awhile now and there are no words to express how meaningful it is to me that I have been gifted with this moment in time to share with them.

The Fraleys have spent the last several years as a musical duo, tallying countless hours in writing sessions, studios, and meetings, all leading up to today’s premiere. Straight out of the gate, Two Story Road is leaving its mark on the industry, paving a path that few are brave enough to travel and even fewer will do so as beautifully.

The duo’s debut release, “Arson“, is a dark and tumultuous tune that tells the story of a young girl who seeks independence from an abusive home life. While she seeks freedom from the four walls that have caused her pain and despair over the years, it is her younger sister’s welfare she puts above her own, realizing there is only one way to unlatch the lock on the prison-like trailer they inhabit. The opening notes of “Arson” give the tune an instantly identifiable factor that many songs fail to possess as of late, while also immediately foreshadowing that something powerful is ahead. Couple the intense lyrics and eerie instrumentation with the gorgeous lead vocals of Jamelle and seamless harmonies by Brandon, and the track will send chills up and down your spine for the entire sub four minutes it plays.

“Arson” is a risky song (written by Brandon Fraley, Jamelle Fraley, Fred Wilhelm, and Barry Weeks and produced by Mark Bright), focusing on taking matters into one’s own hands to find justice. However, it is one to be celebrated at this juncture of country music, as it combines a throwback element of picturesque story-telling with a modern-day fearless approach to subjects that may once have been off limits in the genre.

With a debut, it is critical for artists to make bold statements and noteworthy first impressions; things that cannot happen when expectations are merely met, rather than exceeded. Two Story Road’s debut song solidifies the duo’s place in the industry, unquestionably providing the opportunity to explode on to the scene in impactful fashion, ensuring that nobody who gives this song a listen will be able to forget it.

From the friend perspective, I am elated to invite you all to click on the audio video below and experience the beginning of this chapter of Two Story Road’s journey that I have been awaiting and anticipating for these wonderful people. From the media perspective, I am excited to share a symbolic moment in an ultra-talented duo’s career, as well as a table-turning point for the country music genre as a whole.

Without further ado, please join me in falling in love over and over again with Two Story Road and its debut song “Arson”.


“Arson” will be available on iTunes soon. Stay tuned to @NashvilleGab and @TwoStoryRoad for an announcement of its release.


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    Mary Lou Hintz

    For a long time, I’ve heard of you two, and I’ve been waiting,like many others to see & hear you in a more public way: And it looks like it is happening!! I’ve listened to your song 3 times now… Very Good!! Excellant!! God’s richest blessing on your work!!

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