Someone Give Blake Shelton a Cape; He’s a Hero!


It was just another day out for a few red-red-red-red-rednecks in Oklahoma yesterday; but the day at the river turned into a rather scary scenario. Thank goodness the man who is always down to hang with the boys ’round here stumbled upon the situation.

Bryar Blanton explained what happened to E! News and how Blake Shelton played a role in the turn of events that occurred during a routine guys’ day out.

We were at the river looking and slid off into a mud hole for about two hours. Then me and my buddy Adrian started walking and Blake Shelton stopped and asked if we needed some help.

Blake tried to free the guys with his pickup truck, and when that didn’t work, he assured them he would return shortly with something more capable of doing the trick.

He said he’d be back in 15 minutes with his tractor. He came back and got us out and chatted for a minute and talked to us about hunting. Blake is an all around good caring guy.

Like we ever doubted that Blake is as wonderful as we thought! This just goes to show that it’s safe to place your faith in Blake because he is not “gonna” disappoint you!



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    janet nave

    Thanks for sharing. Nice to read good things about him after the tabloid stuff. He did something similar last year in his hometown

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