So apparently Scotty McCreery is Country’s Hottest Man


Don’t get me wrong, Scotty McCreery is one fine looking young man, but the sexiest country man of all?

Well apparently enough people thought he was sexy, sexy, sexy because the singer has just been crowned Country Music’s Sexiest Man of 2015 by Country Weekly readers.

Lawd have mercy, the teeny-boppers must have been out in force that week.

America’s Morning Show announced the news this morning.

You voted! And the winner of NASH Country Weekly’s #Sexiest Man isssssss…Scotty McCreery!

Posted by America’s Morning Show on Monday, November 2, 2015

I guess sexiness, like beauty, really is in the eye of the beholder (and country music voter).

Update: Okay, after much discussion on Twitter with people of ALL ages who love Scotty McCreery I’m going to clear something up. I’m perfectly aware that Scotty has fans of ALL AGES from teens to Grandmothers and everything in between. I meant no harm by the teeny-bopper comment. It’s called a joke because Scotty is a baby in my eyes. I’m a 40-year-old woman who prefers my men to be, you know, in my age bracket. I’m sure plenty of people find Scotty sexy for all kinds of reasons. Good on ya. You have your opinion and I have mine. My opinion is Gary Allan should have won. #SexyGaryAllan4Life. 


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    hotter than kip moore? chris young? GEORGE STRAIT? ……………..ok


    I found your article on this subject to be insulting, not only to Scotty McCreery, but also to the folks who voted for him. I don’t see what wrong with naming a nice looking, clean cut 22 year old man the most handsome of the male country music singers.

    1. Shannon

      You must lead a very sheltered life if you found a silly joke about teeny boppers coming out in force to vote for Scotty insulting. I’m sorry if I like my country men like I like my wine, aged to perfection. There’s nothing wrong with Scotty being picked as the sexiest man in country music, I just don’t PERSONALLY think of him that way and it was a personal opinion I was giving. Scotty’s a fine young man with a wonderful voice who seems to be a very sweet person. But in my eyes he’s just a boy. Give me Gary Allan or George Strait or Alan Jackson any day.

    Mary Ann Phillips

    I love me some McCreery. That hot voice and that handsome face!! He is definitely the sexiest man in country. Have you seen him perform live? Watch him perform and you will see how sexy he is – smoke just rises from his body he is so hot. MMMMMMM!!! Gimme more McCreery any time!!

    1. Shannon

      Thank you for stating your case for why Scotty’s hot rather than getting mad at me because I’m an idiot. I much prefer that.

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