Spotted: Reba Hangs Out with a New Man in Disney World


We at NashvilleGab were the first to report that things were heating up between Reba and her fictional TV actor boyfriend, Cullen Bohannon.

However, it looks like the famous redhead has moved on as she was spotted cozying up to a new man at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida during a taping of ABC’s Christmas parade.

He’s tall, dark, handsome and one heck of a cowboy!

Meet Reba’s new beau…



Photo via Disney Parks Blog.


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    Does REBA think Blake and his Mamma Icon maybe getting a bit much attention. I was reading about her saying she has another one besides this one. Can’t remember what he was called but there were pictures. Oh well!

    1. Shannon

      Patty, I can’t tell if you’re being serious or kidding.


        Shannon, I was kidding!! The other one, I can’t remember the name, but he was a muscle man she was talking about! Had pictures with the story

        1. Shannon

          Okay, good, because I was starting to think you were crazy. LOL

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