Randy Houser Throws Fan Out of Concert (Watch!)


Randy Houser is currently on the We Went Tour, sharing his ridiculously gorgeous voice with the country. While audiences everywhere are bowing down to one of the strongest vocalists in the genre and celebrating his talent when he comes to their towns, not everybody is absorbing the fabulousness that stands on the stage.

During his Corbin, Kentucky show last night, Randy was faced with an “a**hole” (his words, not ours … but we likely agree) who made the choice to pick fights in the crowd. Randy, deciding he wasn’t going to put up with that nonsense at his show, told the man “you gotta go, brother. In the Ford hat. You gotta go, son.” The man was then escorted out and Randy continued on his way … just like a cowboy.

Watch the video of Randy calling the fan out below.

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  1. schurch420@gmail.com'
    Shanna champlin

    I applaud you Randy!!! America should take notice you weren’t afraid to offend anyone and did the right thing. …

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