Oh, by the way, did you catch Lindsay Ell’s awesome new video for her single By The Way on CMT?


Okay, after watching Lindsay Ell‘s new video for her single ‘By The Way’ on CMT, I have the sudden urge to make up a girl squad and hit the town. Anyone wanna join us?! The guitar playing goddess with a voice of an angel(cheesy? maybe. true? definitely) teamed up with director Desmond Desmarais to create a video that truly embodies the feel goody vibes of the song. It’s one of those videos that recaptures parts of your youth and I am totally digging it.

OH! If you need more of a Lindsay fix, make sure to catch our Periscope on Friday November 6th at 4 pm CST to get tips from the songstress herself on how she slays the guitar so hard.

BY THE WAY….check out the video by visiting CMT HERE.